Astrid Spitznagel

Pezzo Pazzo

Enstehungsjahr   2004
Dauer   10 Min.
Besetzung   Trompete, Klavier

zum Werk
  Astrid Spitznagel has been a piano accompagnist for trumpet and horn students at the University of Musik and performing Arts in Vienna, Austria for approximately 20 years, so she is very well acquainted with the technical possibilities on these instruments. She is not only an accomplished pianist, but she also earned a diploma for flute.

In her composition Pezzo Pazzo for Trumpet in C and Piano, she has combined a whirlwind of notes into a brilliant, dynamic new combination. Chen Guang, an outstanding student from China, premiered the work in Vienna in June 2005 in his graduation program. Astrid has dedicated Pezzo Pazzo to him

This is a challengin new work for ambitious trumpeters, who are looking for an energy packed 'showpiece' in the very best sense of the word.

o.Univ.Prof. Mag. Carole Dawn Reinhart (Vienna, Jan. 2006)

Astrid Spitznagel, Chen Guang (2005/6)

Ansicht   Klavierpartitur, Beginn (GIF, 19503 b)
Klavierpartitur, T. 87 ff. (gif, 15066 b)
Klavierpartitur, T. 157 ff. (gif, 18483 b)
Trompetenstimme, Beginn (gif, 12735 b)

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